Happy New Year everyone. Year 2011 was a pleasant surprise. I reached the goal that I set out to attain and along the way other avenues opened up to expand my Personal Chef Services. Best part of all, I made many new friends from all walks of life. That to me is far more enriching. Don’t know what 2012 will hold for my Personal Chef business, but hopefully I can forge on further while expanding newer ideas and horizons.

Supper Clubs will return in Spring, most probably in April. I will continue to offer Supper Clubs in homes for smaller intimate groups; however, the possibility of holding it in a public venue is up for speculation. Would love feedback from you to see if there is any interest in this direction.

Along the same line, I may consider conducting cooking classes in a public venue. Currently I do all my cooking classes in clients’ homes. However there is a possibility that I can conduct cooking classes at a local venue. Again this will depend on the demand and interest. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

My catered event services have tripled over the last year. The difference between hiring a caterer versus a Personal Chef who caters is the quality in service and customized menu. My philosophy regarding service is to serve and treat people the way I would like to be served and treated, giving everyone my full attention and respect. With regard to my menus, there is no standard menu (other than during the holidays) for catered events. Menus are customized to suit my client’s budget and taste in food. My menu repertoire encompass cuisines from all over the world and latest food trends, while utilizing what is in season. This concept is applied to all my services, either private or corporate.

Home dinners are still the basis of my service. This is where you will experience and truly understand the idea behind Personal Cheffing. Clients who are on a bi-weekly or monthly home dinner service benefit most from Personal Cheffing as their meals are totally customized to their diet, likes, dislikes, and health requirements. Furthermore it helps them save in the long run on grocery bills and wasteful food spending. Biggest benefit is having time to sit down and enjoy a healthy meal with the family, which is priceless, without the hassle of planning, grocery shopping, and cooking.

As a Personal Chef I believe in ongoing education. Like everything else, the food industry is always revolving. I am dedicated to keeping up with the latest culinary skills and trends to better serve my clients. Being an active member of the United States Personal Chef Association helps improve my knowledge and skills in my professional arena. In addition, being active in the community helps me be aware of what is happening locally. Other than cooking, I love to share my knowledge and expertise regarding all things food in my short food blogs on Facebook. To peruse my snippets go to: www.facebook.com/chefmei. Chef Mei Personal Chef Service is available to provide you with your personal, social, and corporate events. I look forward to serving you to the best of my capacity.

Year 2012 holds many promises for me and I hope it does for you too. I believe positive thinking and actions begets positive results. I wish all of you a wonderful and great year ahead!