Mei Parker is a wonderful chef. The food that she prepares is tasty, healthy and unique. The vegetable sides and salads are always interesting. We love being introduced to new foods and recipes that I normally would not make. Mei did a comprehensive evaluation of the foods that my husband and I both like (and they are not always the same.) If the recipe calls for something that I don’t eat (like olives), then she will put them on the side so my husband can add them to his dish. I always feel that I am having a healthy, but always delicious meal. I recommend her services without reservatio

Kitty Throckmorton

My husband and I are both university professors with very demanding work schedules and little time during the work week to spend with our preschool age daughter. We are so grateful for the ability to pop in one of Chef Mei’s meals when we get home from work so we can play with our daughter and still have a healthy family meal together. Chef Mei’s dishes are indispensable to us. Her meals are incredibly delicious and, as an added benefit, are helping us to expand our palates in ways we didn’t know were possible.

Elizabeth Q. DeValve, Ph.D.

Dear Chef Mei,I cannot tell you how pleased I have been to work with you over the holidays. You bring a fresh and unique flavor to your selections and I enjoyed sitting down and discussing menu options with you. My guests absolutely raved about the food and desserts. Thank you for helping us to be great hosts! I look forward to working with you again very soon!

Janice & David Dickerhoff

Mei Parker and her exceptional culinary talent made my parents' 50th wedding anniversary a memorably special occasion. She happily cooperated in crafting a menu that reflected all the places in the world my folks had lived in their 50 years together, cooked it superbly, and served the dinner beautifully. I can't wait to plan another special party, just so we can see Mei again!

Sarah VanderClute

I recently had the opportunity to attend an interactive dinner party done by Mei for a small group of friends. Mei conducted herself like a professional (if you ever watch the Food Network, you know what I am talking about). I learned a lot and she answered all our questions from which cutlery or pans to use to where to buy spices, etc.

Virginia Goddard

I was very pleased with the cooking demonstration Chef Mei did for our Cancer Center's Nutrition class. She was very informative, as well as welcoming to patients and staff who had information to share and/or questions. The food was flavorful and prepared quickly with ease and skill. I especially enjoyed her emphasis on the use of fresh, unprocessed ingredients. We are excited to have her come and cook for our class again soon.

Courtney Braswell

Clinical Dietitian

Chef Mei was hired to help me with a Bunco Party at my home. The party was for 12 people. Mei was very prepared for the party which immediately impressed me. She made extra efforts to know how to get to my home and she even made a trip the week prior to take a look at my kitchen and assure we had all the serving dishes and necessary items. Mei was extremely accommodating. She even assured that she had little decorations for each of the dishes which just proved even more that she took the time to prepare and plan for the event. During the party Chef Mei assured the food was kept warm or cold and more importantly, fresh. All the food was amazing and everyone continues to comment on what a wonderful job Mei did. She was polite, outgoing and treated everyone very professionally. Her eagerness and willingness to make sure this small event for me was perfect truly speaks to her passion for what she does. The quality of the whole experience was unprecedented! I fully intend on using Chef Mei again for other events and just to buy deserts and tasty treats for friends and family.

Sharon Lewis

My husband and I have a very busy lifestyle and decided that we wanted to try a chef service to see if this would benefit us. We made some calls and one of them was to Mei Parker with Taste of Home. We met with Ms. Parker and, by the end of the meeting, knew that we wanted to try her service. She discussed our dietary needs and preferences and came up with a sample menu for us to review before finalizing any plans. Ms. Parker then came to our home to prepare the meals and we were extremely pleased with her service, and the meals were absolutely delicious. She also leaves the kitchen in immaculate condition. We couldn’t be happier with the service and the meals. She follows up afterwards to see if everything is to our liking. She is always open to comments about the meals, and there seems to be no end to the diversity of the menus. We would gladly recommend the services of Mei Parker and Taste of Home. You won’t be disappointed and you will have restaurant quality meals that you can prepare in a matter of minutes.

Joe and Linda Christopher

I would like to strongly recommend Chef Mei's services. I lead a very active lifestyle as a working professional and active member in the community. My family is always on the go, but thanks to Mei, we always have gourmet meals available through her innovative techniques on a moments notice. We especially take pleasure in the manner that she plans dishes which compliment my family’s variety of taste differences. She always takes the time to ensure that all prepared dishes are healthy and simultaneously enjoyable for all members of the family. Considering that we have three children and two adults this is no small feat. My wife has special needs as a diabetic, and Mei has found exceptional ways to ensure that the children are not compromised while making diabetic-friendly dishes for my wife. I must say that she has been a blessing to our family and I strongly recommend her services without reservation.

Craig Archer

I am very happy to have found you and your services. The quality and presentation of the food parallels that of very high-end restaurants, but your charming personality really set the mood for our anniversary. I couldn't have planned it any better; I showed you the way to our kitchen and sat back to watch the magic. I could focus all my attention on my wife all while not lifting a single finger to prepare dinner. Chef Mei is a talented professional that is a must have for special occasions.

Doug & Melissa Stiles

As a busy working mom, I have explored numerous options with regard to pre-made meals. None have provided me with the level of service of Chef Mei. Whatever my menu specifications, whether low-fat or low-cholesterol, etc., she always delivers.

Chef Mei’s personal chef service has been a hit at my home because we are provided healthy, tasty meals that can easily be prepared within 10 to 45 minutes. The produce is fresh and the cuts of meat, poultry and fish are unsurpassed. Mei arrives on the designated “cooking day” and typically I may not see her at all. Aside from the delicious aromas that greet me at the door and the fully stocked refrigerator, I would never know she had been in my home! She cleans up impeccably.

Chef Mei has provided meals for annual private company dinners that my husband and I have hosted over the past several years. Our dinners have ranged in size from 15 persons to 25. Our guests travel from California, New York, Florida, and in between. We consistently hear comments about the superb quality of the food.

My 10 year old sums it up best, “Yay for Chef Mei!!!!”

Lee Malone

My husband hired Chef Mei, as a surprise, for my fortieth birthday party. She prepared for twenty-five close friends. Words cannot describe how delicious the food she prepared. Chef Mei made herself at home in my kitchen while preparing the hor d’oeuvres, and the presentation was fabulous. I would definitely recommend Chef Mei for catering, personal cheffing or parties.

Melissa Baillie

I have had the good fortune to use Chef Mei to cater several events in the past 2 or 3 years. When it comes to having a meal prepared, Mei Parker is the complete package. The food is absolutely OUTSTANDING. The opportunity to actually watch her prepare a meal is a treat too. The food presentation is a visual and olfactory experience of pleasure. Your taste buds are prepared to have an extravaganza that will make them scream with delight.
A formal Chef Mei meal prepared in your home, (I highly recommend) can include a full clean up. When she leaves there is nothing left to do but nibble on the leftovers and enjoy the meal all over again. If you have a more casual affair, Chef Mei will leave the goodies waiting in your warm oven, just waiting for you to serve (and you can sample while waiting). Finally, you get Chef Mei Parker, with an absolutely delightful personality that is truly in command in the kitchen.

James Wilson

I now understand how appreciative my husband was to come home to a home cooked meal. We both run a fast paced business and found ourselves eating out too much or having breakfast for dinner. Mei has changed all that. Her meals are carefully planned according to our tastes. Our eating habits have changed for the better now that Mei is in our kitchen!

John & Denise Mercado

Chef Mei conducted a most informative, interesting, and enjoyable presentation at Anderson Creek Club last Summer. She made her cooking demonstration one which was easy to follow, and the food was delicious. We were all impressed with her knowledge and expertise.

I can easily recommend her to any group, social event, or people who would like to experience great cooking !

Jack Runchey

My husband and I sampled some of Chef's Mei's food at a charity event. We were very impressed with the presentation, quality, and of course the taste of the food. My husband surprised me on our anniversary with a romantic gourmet dinner at our home by Chef Mei. It was FABULOUS. Not only did she prepare our dinner, but also served us. After the meal she served us a dessert to die for, cleaned up and left us very well satisfied with the food and service. I highly recommend her for any event. My favorite appetizers are her shrimp fritters. 🙂 You won't be disappointed.

Debbie and Les Belles

Fayetteville, NC

Between work, school and outside activities sometimes I just could not get supper on the table. What a relief to know that a meal from Mei was just waiting for us in the freezer. Mei has been more than kind to me and has filled a much needed service when I needed it the most.

Catharine Brown

Chef Mei,

I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the nourishment you provide. We are a busy active family who loves to be outside instead of in the kitchen. It is wonderful after coming in from a long day and knowing that we have a delicious dinner of our choice waiting on us. The best part of having you as part of our family, is the day of your visit. The house smells so delicious!

Heather Wilkerson, MSW, LCSW, President

A low sodium,lactose free, low fat, and additional protein diet was prescribed by the physician for my husband. Although our household diet seemed fairly healthy and tasty, there were necessary changes to be made due to my husband's health. We were at a loss until we learned about Chef Mei's professional expertise, dependability, and care for individual dietary needs. We feel Chef's Mei's service has been a good service for us and would be a good service for others--on regular or prescribed diets!

Marylyn Britt

Mei has been my personal chef for the past four years. Her service has been invaluable to both my wife and I. We are a busy couple who do not have time to cook let alone plan and shop for groceries. Mei’s service has afforded us time to concentrate on other things in our lives. Her dishes are freshly prepared and customized to our liking. Her knowledge of various cuisines allows us to sample dishes from different ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore she helps us live a healthier life with her nutritious meals. Mei is a self starter and works well independently. She comes to our home cooks and cleans up after herself and make sure our home is secure before she lives. I have enjoyed using Mei’s service and would recommend her services.

John Szoka

My first encounter with Chef Mei occured when she prepared a dinner party I helped host for my sister who was expecting her third baby. The food was incredible, no doubt due to Chef Mei's personal attention to detail and quality. It was a real treat for my sister and her friends to get a five star meal in the comfort of home. Chef Mei has also prepared meals for family birthdays and an office Christmas party in my home since then. Every event Chef Mei has worked with me on has be a joy! Her food is exceptional and her creativity each time never ceases to amaze all those in attendance. Chef Mei's staff is also a delight to work with. I look forward to working with Chef Mei many more times in the future!

Heather Williams

Chef Mei's understanding of my needs were perfect. Her questionnaire about my likes and dislikes were to the point. The preparation of the food is always a treat for me. The house smells so good when she is cooking. The food is fresh and very tasty. The portion amounts are enough for two. Besides her cooking weekly for me she has also catered special occasion events for me. Love her work! Love her food! Best of all she is a great person.

Esther Thompson